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image FPSSleighScan4Kasm.jpg
New scan of Iconic Image
Courtesy of the Goodnow Library!
Dr. Oviatt's sleigh in 1906, per Lee Swanson
- 8739x6872,
Image color of scan
image ChoirInBalcony1939.jpg
ChoirInBalcony1939.jpg - 2400x1920
image FPSc1900sWithTownHallx1000.jpg
Circa 1900 with Town "House" on right.
Sudbury Historical Society Collection (HiRes)
image FPSc1900sFromWest1200.jpg
Circa 1930s from the West
Wayside Inn Archives (HiRes)
image FPSwithNoTrees1200.jpg
Provenance Unknown (HiRes)
image TownCenterIn1889fromHudson1600.jpg
Cap: TownCenterIn1889fromHudson1600.jpg
image Kowalski First Parish Of Sudbury 2012
Painting by Rev. Gary Kowalski
Interim Minister 2011-2012
image Plan1797from1958x2400.png
Plan1797from1958x2400.png - 3071x2400

Dr. or Reverend George A. Oviatt? He is referred to as Doctor in the Sudbury records, but Reverend in the article he authored for: History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Volume 1 (A–H), Volume 2 (L–W) compiled by Samuel Adams Drake, published 1879 and 1880. 572 and 505 pages. Sudbury article by Rev. George A. Oviatt in volume 2 pages 357–381. Link from Wikipedia

Notes from Lee <> Notes on Tour of the Meetinghouse (1958) See more: Various Notes Photos and images Meetinghouse Preservation Logo, FPS logo 20150702 in PDF Collection of Histories

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