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Grampa with newbown CMH7

Born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota and Quiogue, NY. High school: Blake, east to college, Brandeis (Banks St.),  in Boston and never left. 

I live in Sudbury, Mass

Why I am UU, as in Unitarian Universalist
bodysurfinyon on social media.

I've worked at many Boston area high tech firms, always in 3D graphics. My Art

My Family

In 1983, I married Gail Gustafson; we have 2 kids: cmh5, cah. Our XMAS cards, euro vacay

Here are Mom and Dad and my siblings, cousins. Chop, ML, Andy, Genealogy

Here is  hardenbergh.org, and Old Wayzata Photos

Things I like: Champagne, Garbage, quotes, Movies@IMDB, Books <> Friends: Banks St. Boys, John, Michael, Tamara, WhereRU

Ongoing: Book Notes, Historic Maps of Sudbury, Useful Code Fragments, Panoramas, Tippling Rock

Sports Trivial: Championship Cities, USA Canada Olympic Hockey, Usain Bolt in context

2018 pages Pages: Rideau Canal 2018, Mt. Washington, Sapolsky: Behave, Ancient Origins of Consciousness, How Emotions Are Made, Summer Service Being Moved in Community

Pages from 2013..2016: Robert Westaway Brinkerhoff, Amsterdam 2016, Paris 2014, CorticoThalamic Animation, Snow 2015, Geoff's photos, Map Book, theScienceOfReligion.info, Racoon Proof Garbage Can, Nonesuch Pond 1687 Map, Land Grants to Sudbury, RestingState2014, Consciousness, Consciousness and the Brain, Ravenous Brain, Tromso, The Righteous Mind, The Elephant And The Rider Metaphor, Free Will, Happiness Hypothesis, Social Conquest of Earth, SpiritualityAndConsciousness, Marriage Advice The New Normal and the Old, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Clam Art

Pages from 2010..2012:   Consciousness: Confessions, sin()cos(), How to Clean Out Kenmore Grinder, Prague & Hardenbergh Trip, China Trip, Sudbury Town Center Project, FPS Boundary, Quantuck, YIMUU, Humans
Pages from 2007..2009:   Sudbury Historic Maps, Various Large Images, Cornelius's Graduation, Ponquogue Bridge Panorama, Ode To Garbage, The Six Commandments, ProLife is Ironic, Mom, Bits of Poetry, Las Escolleras, The Stuff of Thought, Neuroscience of Human Relationships.
Pages from 2004..2006: Volume Rendering, The Space Between Our Ears, Granny's Teapot, Quest for Consciousness, Rigging a Dyer Dhow, Ponquogue Beach & Hurricane Ernesto
Pages from 2001..2003: What SIGGRAPH means to me, Conceptual Spaces, Seasons 2003, Twist Art, Tippling Rock, Reports from SIGGRAPH 2002, Blank Slate, SIGGRAPH Sketch!!!, GenJ (Works on Mac!)
Older web pages: First(94/95), Second(96), Third(97..2K), Fourth, Volume Rendering Concepts, VRML, PEX, NURBS, collaborative filtering, my notes, Back Pages

Randy Pausch Time Management, Solstice Ritual

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Grampa at Miao Lu
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Paris 2014
high jumping
A very young high jumper
Gail & YON in front of Notre Dame
Gail and YON on 25th anniversary trip
Yon in wave at Las Escolleras
Bodysurfing Contest at Las Escolleras
Done with high school
high school graduate
Cadences's Oragami
Cadence's Origami Wireframe Dodecahedron
YON in the curl
Bodysurfing Pipeline
Wearing the birthday jersey Cornelius gave me!Shirt
For my 50th, Cornelius gave me this jersey Old Man Hardenbergh.
He has been telling me I'm old since he understood the concept.
When I finally do get old, it won't seem so bad.

China 2010

Prague 2010

Pipeline Bodysurfing 2011

The Stanley Cup!
Bruins are Stanley Cup Champs
Game 6 boys(hi-res)
Nancy's Memorial Cover
My Mom died, Boxing Day 2007

Seasons 2003
Anti Nuke clam made whole
Anti-Nuke Clam made whole
Two Grads in 2007
Two Grads in 2007!!

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