Banks St. Boys

Ben, Bill, John and I moved off campus from Brandeis to 36A Banks St in September 1976. When Ben, Bill and John graduated, Dan moved in. We moved out in May 1980.
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Haiku's from Lila's When I'm 64 Zoom.

 John, Bill, Ben & YON on roof    
pen & ink of living room Livingroom
screen of Banks St. Silk Screen

image BanksStTipplingRock.jpg
YON, John, Ben, Gail, Debbie, Nava
on Tippling Rock, June 2009
Ben's 30th Anniversary YouTube
image benjohn.jpg
John, Ben and YON in 1997?
image jchcastl.jpg
Bill, YON and John freshman year
image nycall04.jpg
Danny's book publishing party on Gail's birthday.
Ben, YON, Nava, John, Gail, Danny & Kate
image nycmar04.jpg
Ben, Dan, YON, John in 2001
image BillButtenweiser.jpg
I saw Bill at Cornelius's Graduation in 2007

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