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Piketty: Capital in the 21st Century

Thomas Piketty (WikiPedia)

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Le Capital au XXIe siecle(2013) English transaltion (2014) - I listend to the first 12 or 21 discs by Brilliant Audio, then the last disc.

About the book by Piketty! This seems to cover the major points with out nearly as much math and none of the history.

. . . As a consequence, the optimal tax policy is also two-dimensional: it involves a progressive tax on labor income and a progressive tax on inherited wealth. . .

If r > g, then the rich will keep getting richer!

That is, if the rate of return on Capital is greater that the Growth Rate fo the economy, then those that own the capital will keep accumulating the money. His proposal is a tax on capital.

r > g where r is the Return on Capital and g is the Growth Rate
k = ywhere k is Capital and y is the Output (Yield?)
s = gs is Savings and g is the Growth Rate

The Atlantic, Piketty ignores corruption
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