Predictive Coding Diagram 2021


2021-08-03 I added the top down "precision expectations" for now based on:
Predictive Coding: a Theoretical and Experimental Review -
Beren Millidge, Anil Seth, Christopher L Buckley

"There remains an intrinsic tension, however, between these two perspectives on precision in the literature. The first interprets precision as a bottom-up ‘objective’ measure of the intrinsic variance in the sensory data and then, deeper in the hierarchy, the intrinsic variance of activities at later processing stages. This contrasts strongly with views of precision as serving a general purpose adaptive modulatory function as in attention."

Predictive Coding Conceptual Scematic v1.0.1 ( slight tweak for arrows on iPhone )

This is an effort to create a diagram/scematic for the See Also: My Notes

I hope to improve this .svg, please check for the latest.

This was created using elements from various diagrams I have found. This earliest is Rao & Ballard:
Rajesh P. N. Rao & Dana H. Ballard. (1999). Predictive coding in the visual cortex: a functional interpretation of some extra-classical receptive-field effects. Nature Neuroscience 2, 79 - 87. {{DOI|10.1038/4580}}

The major inspiration is a little more interesting and it has the excitatory neurons (triangle) and inhibitory neurons (circle) Prediction Error have a precision signal (dotted line). Certianly the predictions has precision signals as well as the errors, but that diagram is the only one that has the precision signals flowing with the predictions.

Anil K. Seth: Unconscious Inference to the Beholder's Share: Predictive Perception and Human Experience
Published online by Cambridge University Press: 14 June 2019
Unconscious Inference to the Beholder's Share: Predictive Perception and Human Experience

The diagrams here are great ( main point is gating signals )
Georg B. Keller and Thomas D. Mrsic-Flogel, Predictive Processing: A Canonical Cortical Computation

There is fascinating Predictive Coding diagram here:
Canonical Microcircuits for Predictive Coding
Andre M. Bastos, W. Martin Usrey, Rick A. Adams, George R. Mangun, Pascal Fries, Karl J. Friston

How prediction errors shape perception, attention, and motivation
Hanneke E. M. den Ouden, Peter Kok and Floris P . de Lange

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Bastos's diagram

Too complicated but fascinating.

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