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This page is not so much of a self definition, as my firstthree web pages were, but rather a collection of useful stuff with a moderately high information density.
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Solstice 2K:

This year has brought the new millenium. The past millenium saw humans go from smart animals with basic tools and local subsistence to
demigods with the power to split atoms and refine genetic codes; from a small dominion of domestics to a confusing confluence of
technologies and economies - bringing a race between the global threats and promises.
We have invoked the powers, the seasons, the elements to help us, to guide the global promises. Let us ask Geos, grandmother of Zeus,
the global goddess to lead this race, to grow the noosphere of global consciousness over our geosphere, growing the promises; reducing
the threats. Let us baptize the gaia hypothesis, the interdependent web forming one organism. Let us celebrate the health of the
geosphere, as we celebrate her journey and the rebirth of the Sun.

Further Musings...

It seems clear that some aspects of the Gaia hypthosis & the noosphere are true. Our little Earth, our blue dot is a neophyte, a spore, a bacteria. I doubt we are alone. Suppose we have peers. Do we not owe it to ourselves to become the fittest Gaia we can before we have company?

3-DEC-2K - jch - http://www.jch.com/~jch/


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