To Gail, my Radiance:
Valentines Day, 2012
To be in love with you
To bask in our sunlit living room
To be out in the world
To be in bed
To see the wondrous view
To walk in our woods on Tippling Rock
To lie cozy on the couch
 and watch the stream on 50 inches
To share our meals, both hither and yon
 and to have the time
That is what makes out love grow bright

Inspired by the 2010 Copa Modial final and talk of the Spanish Netherlands, etc.

Blood stains won't come out
of the stories from which I sprout
I sit upon King Philips's hill
And ponder Fair Harold and his Will
Should I wish my history more just?
No, No change for me. I am a must!
BTW, King Philip is Metacom. In theory, the cairns up our hill were a massive crematorium after the battle in Sudbury. In the book 1066, Harold's England is portrayed as very egalitarian. As much as things seem unfair, change one iota and everything changes. So, much as I appreciate the injustices of history, to wish they did not happen is to wish myself away. This war was documented by the map from 1677, Foster. A map of New-England, being the first that ever was here cut . . . illustrates King Phillips War.. Sudbury Zoom More info at BPL and  

Granny's Teapot, 2007 More...

Blue and white with simple flair
Away from China and Salem chairs
It came to me in '78
surviving college and two small kids
until meeting its end in early '06
when Irie lunged for a snack behind
knocked off counter, crash and goodbye
steeped in memories, Henrietta and sweets
the grandfather clock and Granny
bright eyes, white curly hair, radiant smile
Only the teapot's tangible top remains
to stir the spirits and serve the past

  Posternity, 2004

Bits rot; Paper goes Poof.
Etched titanium long preserves.
But only fresh copies approximate permanence


The combined poems: forsythia, day lilies, maple. 2003. More...
a simple and beauteous thing 
one true sentinel of spring 
forsythia gold, light or bright yellow 
and some with a tinge of orange gone mellow 
rise and be risen fore the green grows 
push open the season now and thru time

bunched and forthright everywhere 
stretching to the sun's hot glare 
day lilies rich and orange, even reddish 
with stems that arc and crowns soon perish 
yet day after day come blossoms robustly 
CARPE DIEM now flourish the warmth

maple's majestic red 
drops orange yellow leaves into bed 
Autumn's foliage shows season's repeat 
Persephone now signals her Winter retreat 
crunch quick thru crispy leaves 
gather the harvest and batten the seeds 

  The Ocean, 1-AUG-99

    The Ocean is Real and like all important things, it is messy:
    the basketball jelly, the drowned seagull, the waterlogged timber breaking a foot
    All risks that must be evaluated.

    But do not forget the awe, the curly crumbl'n waves,
    the froth of Aphrodite, the salt the same as blood
    the Respect that Tiamat demands

    Life, Sun Beach surround
    the cool haven
    that plays with our souls