Robert Westaway Brinkerhoff

aka Bob Binkerhoff, aka, Bobby, aka Brink

1956-04-21 .. 2016-08-02

Belle Meade, NJ, Quogue, NY, ..Albeuve & Bulle Switzerland.
St. Mark's School, UNC Chapel Hill, All Organic Trading GmbH

image BobLarisaHalos.jpg
BobLarisaHalos.jpg - 3456x2304
image BobsBoys2001.jpg
Davies, Josh, Luc & Bob
image bobby.jpg
Outside Bob's office in Bulle 1999
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Cap: QuogueBoys80s.jpg
image BobWalking.jpg
Bob walking Larisa's daughter Kate down the aisle
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Bob & Larisa Dancing
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Bob and Larisa
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1982 in Cambridge, MA
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Scott Bobby..
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image B_row_Jim_V_Jack_C_Will_W_Pat_Q_John_P__Front_row_Ted_H__Kurt_M_Sam,_Pat_A_Brinkerhoff_Will_R_P_Hearn_E_Ossorio_Linda_Malin_2009.jpg
Brink at 35th reunion in 2009
image Jim_V_Brink_Eric_O.jpg
Jim Brink Eric
From St. Mark's School:
Attached are the only two semi-decent photos
of Brink from the 1974 St. Mark's yearbook.
The early 70s began the era when students
designed their own yearbook pages/entries,
and so no formal yearbook photos were taken.
On Brink's page there is only a photo pf him playing soccer,
taken from a distance, and you can't see his face.
His face in the soccer team photo is kind of pale and
washed out, and didn't scan very well.
image Brink74a.jpg
Cap: Brink74a.jpg
image Brink74b.jpg
Cap: Brink74b.jpg
image BobbyLucCoMeQBC.jpg
Boys at QBC 1994+/-
image IMG_4487.jpg
frames from Marylee's film about
image Teens.jpg
chewing gum
image memorial2.jpg
Bob's Memorial
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image memorialPhotoes2.jpg

My stories

I knew Bobby in Quogue. Perhaps our strongest bond was in the ocean, bodysurfing fairly large waves. We both adopted fins early on. This is especially bittersweet as he essentially died from complications of a bodysurfing accident in 2013. Bobby Plunged.

We also hung out with the rest of the gang. As I had to bicycle to Quogue from the suburb of Quiogue, I was not part of the in crowd until I was accepted by Bobby, or at least, that is partly my perception, then and now.

When I rode the trains around Europe in the fall of 1977, I visited Bobby once in Switzerland and he came to visit me in Paris. We spent a huge amount of money to share a bottle of Champagne on the Champs-Elysee, but, we got to share the memory for four decades. On the great Hardenbergh European Vacation, we started with Bob & Christine in Albeuve. Swiss Air lost our luggage, so, all we had were huge T-Shirts that made us look like Red Cross evacuees.

more to come. I welcome stories from anyone.

Bob's Mom: Lillian Brinkerhoff Obit

Quogue's western boundary is Quantuck Bay and Creek

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