Snow covered Tippling Rock 2015

So many blizzards! Tippling Rock was totally covered in snow. It is a huge with steep sides, but, it was all filled in. One the way up the snow was uniformly 4 feet of thick packed snow. The snowshoe track was packed down to be two feet think. A M A G I N G ! ! !

More Snow 2015

image IMG_5802_2.jpg
IMG_5802_2.jpg - 2448x3264
image IMG_5805_2.jpg
IMG_5805_2.jpg - 2448x3264
image IMG_5815_2.jpg
IMG_5815_2.jpg - 2448x3264
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IMG_5817_2.jpg - 2448x3264
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IMG_5819_2.jpg - 2448x2448
image IMG_5820.JPG
IMG_5820.JPG - 7792x2936

More Snow 2015