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Lyngen Alps Panorama

I took a lot of shots and perhaps it was worth it. I took maybe 10 - 12 pans, but, so many are in twilight and a bit gray. This one of the North Lyngen Alps had the right stuff to make into art. See the low-res version

The prominent ridge to the right is Storgalten. See Skiing in Lyngen for source of image to right. - Storgalten Google Maps

The peak right under the bird is Gárjilgáisi / Stortinden (1512) at GPS: 69.8475259 20.2699939. It is feature on this page: The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway

The peak at the far right is Vákkáscohkat (1398 meters). That and Stortinden (1240) are mentioned here: Indre Gammvika

I took about 100 photos and used about 40-50 for this panorama. The photos were taken on 2014.02.11 from behind the Nord-Lenangen post i butikk, aka, the Post Office and general store. Very friendly. I'm sure they get their fair share of tourists wandering around. It was only when I tried to figure out which peaks were which that I realized we were in Nord-Lenangen, and not at a similar jetty formation further south in Lenangen.

Try embedding Pan Spot =>ákkás/ Vákkáscohkat

The tower on top of the mountain to the left is on Trolltinden, Arnøy, Troms near the small town of Akkarvik

Topo - poor

The full size panorama is 29960x7827 pixels. Here is the Small Image (4700x1400) and half-size image (13780x3600). If you are interested in the full size image, send me email - jch at jch dot com.

Here are the two landmarks that located the panorama within the full set of pixels: the fishermen on the left and Vákkáscohkat on the right.

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