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Grants to the Town of Sudbury

(hi-res)   From Sudbury Historical Society 1986 book.

This map is made from the geometry found in the book A Brief History of the Towne of Sudbury in Massachusetts 1639 - 1939. See the image below. And it is layered on the 1856 Map of Middlesex County by Henry F. Walling.

The blue line represents Sudbury at its maximum extent. There were 3 grants that formed the town and several to individuals.

Hudson, Alfred S. History of Sudbury, Massachusetts 1638 - 1889. Town of Sudbury, 1889.
Notes on grants are in Chapter IV. Page 57.

Of course, these grants were made by the Mass Bay Colony without regard to the people who were here before the English.

A Brief History of the Towne of Sudbury in Massachusetts 1639 - 1939. Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration in Massachusetts. Revised 1986. Reprinted by The Sudbury Historical Society, Inc. 1987. This book is available from The Sudbury Historical Society

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Town Centers, pre-1722 and present

image GrantsAndSudburyTownCenters.jpg From WikiPedia:Sudbury
The original town center and meetinghouse were located near the Sudbury River at what is now known as Wayland's North Cemetery.[5] For the residents on the west side of the river, it was a treacherous passage in the winter and attendance at both worship services and Town Meetings was compulsory.[6][7] In 1723 the West Parish meetinghouse was built west of the river at an area known as Rocky Plains (presently the Town Center). It served as a place for both worship and Town Meetings, [8] After the split with Wayland, the new location grew to have houses, a school, and in 1846, a new Town House.[9] Since then, the Sudbury Center Historic District has changed little.

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