Notes on Sudbury Maps

Mathias Mosman in 1795

In 1794, Massachusetts passed a law requiring towns to create measured surveys. These were later compiled by Osgood Carleton to create the first map of Commonwealth of Massachusetts available at the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center of the Boston Public Library. Who was Mathias Mosman?

Wm. H. Wood

Labelled Map of Sudbury, Mass. Surveyed by Wm. H. Wood. Agreeably to a Resolve of the General Court passed at its Winter Session of 1829-30. Who was Wm. H. Wood?

Henry F. Walling

This is the only map I'm asserting copyright over. See more: Lots of info on Walling


Original Map Size: 12" x 15.75" scanned at 400dpi. Original purchased at Bearly Read Books. Donated to the First Parish of Sudbury Auction.

Geo H. Walker



Scanned at 400 dpi

On Mar 20, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Wonderful Librarian at Boston Public Library wrote:

I am writing in response to your e-mail of March 10, 2009 requesting information on George H. Walker. Following is the information I have found concerning your request.

I found George Walker in the 1900 United States census. He lived in Boston and was listed as a lithographer and publisher. His census record indicates that he was born in Vermont in 1852. He was married to Irene M., and no children were listed. In the 1910 census, he lived in Needham, Massachusetts and was still a lithographer and publisher. In the 1920 census, he and Irene lived in Needham. He had no occupation listed; it can be assumed that he was retired. He did not appear in the 1930 census.

I have attached a biography of George Walker from Men of Vermont : an illustrated biographical history of Vermonters and sons of Vermont, part II (Ullery, Jacob G; 1894. p. 163). The biography tells of Walker's lithography business. It also discusses Walker's establishment of the Walker-Gordon Milk Laboratory, for the "scientific feeding of infants." I have also attached a copy of a Picture of Walker and the Walker-Gordon Laboratory Co. from The book of Boston (Bacon, Edwin M.; 1916. p. 507).

I have attached an entry for the George H. Walker & Co. from Boston lithography, 1825-1880. Boston Athenæum Collection. (Pierce, Sally; 1991. p. 159). The book indicates that he died in 1927. I was unable to find a specific date of death or an obituary.

According to a New York Times article (August 15, 1999; p. NJ1 [attached]), the purpose of the Walker-Gordon Laboratory was to "make milk suitable for humans." The Laboratory had purchased a dairy farm in Plainsboro, New York, which caught the attention of Borden Milk Co., which purchased it. Borden Milk Co. was represented by the iconic Elsie the Cow and is still known today for its various milk products.

According to an article appearing in the Boston Daily Globe (June 23, 1925. p. 3), the University of Vermont conferred an honorary doctorate of agriculture degree upon George Hiram Walker for his work as a "promoter of the science of agriculture."

After searching other Boston biographical sources available at the Boston Public Library, I found no more information on George H. Walker.

1707 Brigham Map


Reference Supervisor/Archivist
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Dear Jennifer,

I'm thrilled that you will be able to digitize the map.

Please find a check for $10 enclosed for a digital copy of the 1707 map of Sudbury, originally in the Felt Collection Volume 11 but then:  

*REMOVED TO MAP COLLECTION V. 37, PAGE 15 [ filename of scanned map was "SC1 50X 3rd Series v37 p15"]  

(SEE PAGES 221-222, 224-228, AND 250A-250C.)  

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Subject: How can I get a copy of a 1707 Map from MAP COLLECTION V. 37, PAGE 15?  

Mass Archives Page listing the map.

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Beers1875Plate80at1800.jpg 1140 Has Thumb Beers1875Plate80at1800.jpg ./Beers1875Plate80at1800.jpg
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SouthSudbury1908Walker.jpg 47501  No Thumb SouthSudbury1908Walker.jpg ./SouthSudbury1908Walker.jpg
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Sudbury1889Walker2400.jpg 1401 Has Thumb Sudbury1889Walker2400.jpg ./Sudbury1889Walker2400.jpg
Sudbury1894USGS15border.jpg 2479 Has Thumb Sudbury1894USGS15border.jpg ./Sudbury1894USGS15border.jpg
Sudbury1894USGS15min.jpg 2513 Has Thumb Sudbury1894USGS15min.jpg ./Sudbury1894USGS15min.jpg
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WalkerTopo1891.jpg  200 Has Thumb WalkerTopo1891.jpg ./WalkerTopo1891.jpg
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