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Historic Buildings of the Sudbury Town Center

image TC1913layout_2560x1456gray.jpg The first building in the present Town Center was the West Precinct Meetinghouse and its location of was selected due to the poor poor soil on the "Rocky Plain", leaving the better soil for farming. It was built due to petitions by inhabitants of the west side due the dangers of crossing the Sudbury River in winter and spring. Citizens were required to attend worship by law, regardless of the peril. The Brigham 1707 map was created to support the petition for a West Side meetinghouse. The Town Center of Sudbury is much the same as it was in 1846. Commerce developed in South Sudbury, which expanded along Rte 20.

The five buildings that make up the town center were there before the creation of the Walling 1856 map shown below, with the exception of the Town Hall, which moved across Concord Road after the first Town House burned down in 1930.

The map to the right is based on a 1913 county road layout. The curb lines are from the 2014 layout of the Town Center. Since 1931, each building has been expanded to some degree. The graphics, by Terry Rourke, are from the Sudbury Historical Society's Town Center Brochure, where you can find many more details and stories.

Town Center Maps Slide Show

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All maps before 1900,
that I know about,
plus a few post 1900.

All registered, as best one can by hand.

Do you know of others?

image teaser.jpg
image 1794mosmanD.jpg
1794 Mosman
image 1830woodD.jpg
1830 Wood
image 1856wallingD.jpg
1856 Walling
image 1875beersD.jpg
1875 Beers
image 1889walkerD.jpg
1889 Walker
image 1894usgsD.jpg
1894 USGS
image 1908walkerD.jpg
1908 Walker
image 1938zoningD.jpg
1938 Zoning
image 1943USGSD.jpg
1943 USGS

Other Town Center Maps

image 1913_RoadLayout.jpg
1913_RoadLayout.jpg - 10800x5436
image 1931_RoadLayout.jpg
1931_RoadLayout.jpg - 10800x5127
image TownCenterBrochure2014.jpg
TownCenterBrochure2014.jpg - 2984x1732
image TownCenterRedo2014.jpg
TownCenterRedo2014.jpg - 1886x1250

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