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VolumePro was a three generaion ASIC based Volume Rendering engine consisting of the VP500, VP1000 and VP2000.

Awards for VP500 Computer Graphics Innovation txt

VolumePro Timeline

1996-06-01 Hanspeter Pfister’s PhD thesis: Cube-4: A Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Volume Rendering
1997-03-21 Jan Hardenbergh starts working for Hugh Lauer at MERL. First outside engineer hired onto the project.
1997-08-03 EM-Cube paper at Eurographics Archived Paper
1998-03-XX T.C. Zhao & Vikram Simha hired
1998-06-07 T.C. Creates VLI User's Manual
1998-12-31 Yin Wu hired. 
1999-04-23 The Roadrunner chip renders its first frame - first 1/2 bottle of Moet.
1999-05-01 The chip may have a rotation bug - hangs a certan angles.
1999-XX-XX RealTime Visualization (, a wholy owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric (? or just finianced?)
1999-07-01 Move from MERL, 201 Broadway in Kendal Square to 300 Baker Ave. in  West Concord
1999-08-08 VolumePro 500 paper at SIGGRAPH99
1999-08-08 VolumePro 500 demo
2000-03-04 ECR2000 we showed the first VPNET (pre AqNet) based on VP500. That was before we were bought by TR.
2000-XX-XX TeraRecon, Inc purchases a majority share of Realtime Visualization
2001-01-26 Revise power jumper header for VP500
2001-04-XX Demo IIVS workstation integrated with VP500 in JAR 2001 (the predecessor of ITEM).
2001-06-16 Release parts for VP1000 Board 
2001-10-09 Create Rev. B2 of VP1000 Board
2002-03-XX VP1000 starts shipping
2002-09-03 Release of VolumePro 1000 development kit CD
2002-09-13 Release new revision level of AQNet Software CD, PN. 64-0020
2002-10-17 Condor Hardware team layoff -  "we were so far ahead, we could afford it" -Motoaki
2002-11-2X VP1000 demo at RSNA
2004-02-13 VolumePro 1000 3.2 final software for Windows
2006-11-14 Release revision B VP2000ASX, VP2000DFE and VP2000QFE boards
2006-11-XX VP2000 demo at RSNA.
2007-10-24 AQNet - AQi Server and ThinClient
2007-XX-XX Falcon 1.1 respin 
2008-10-29 Release first version of VolumePro 2000 Diagnostics User?s Guide
2008-12-08 Falcon HW & SW Team layoff ( Crash of 2006 and the Great Recession )
2009-10-15 Add a board stiffener to 40-0401 quad ASIC boards.
2014-04-28 Add Fan RPM Detection to 40-0400 board (fan failure is the leading cause of baord failures)
2017-02-17 TeraRecon Press Release for VolumePro (VP) CUDA, which will ship with all new servers.
2017-03-01 Testing station set up in Foster City for testing VP2000D boards with Rev M. memories.
2017-05-10 Toshi Sakaguchi and Bill Booth laid off - no more Hardware Engineering at TeraRecon
2017-12-09 VolumePro Wake, Goodbye & Reunion!!!
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