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Polish Ornaments - Cyclists Favorite Polish Christmas ornaments from the 1930’s bought by Gail’s Grandma Sokolowski have hung on the tree every year.

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Please email us your traditions with or without photos and we will post them here -

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Left: The Hardenberghs enthusiastically filled and opened stockings on Christmas morning. The Gustafsons opened presents Christmas Eve.


Right: Nancy Hardenbergh (Nona) hand made and filled advent calendars for her grandchildren every year. Santa Bobble Head

Gail’s Bobble Head Santa from the 1950’s comes out every year.

We make eggnog fromGramps Hardenbergh’s recipe. Picture at the bottom of the page.

Please email us your traditions with or without photos and we will post them here -

Contributions from friends and family

When I think of holiday traditions, I think of spending time with my family. Some of my fondest memories are being in London and Sydney with my family. In London, I can remember being all cramped into a small apartment, all seven of us in a tiny apartment. We had so many great laughs and it seemed as though everything was perfect.

Our one big holiday tradition though is to EAT! That is what the Liu family loves to do, we love eating and talking about food. We normally graze all through Christmas day, eating cheese and crackers whilst opening presents. We eat our biggest meal at the end of the day and normally have a delicious desert – cheesecake, chocolate cake, pavlova – everything delicious.

To me Christmas tradition is all about spending time with family. This year, I’m celebrating with my Sudbury family. The Christmas tree is up and it’s beautiful, the ground is covered in snow and it feels very Christmassy. It does seem quite perfect!

            -Kristin Liu

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