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Johann Hari: Lost Connections

Get 9 causes and 7 remediation.

Cause 1 Disconnection from work - lack of meaning / control at work.
Cause 2 Disconnection from people - loneliness. You need to be part of a tribe. (F2F?) E.O. Wilson tribe/hive. (Why I am UU)
Cause 3 Disconnection from meaningful values
Cause 9 Disconnection from loss of hope for a better future. Deaths of Despair
Reconnection One: To Other People
Reconnection Two: Social Prescribing
Reconnection Three: To Meaningful Work
Reconnection Four: To Meaningful Values
Reconnection Five: Sympathetic Joy, and Overcoming Addiction to the Self
Reconnection Six: Acknowledging and Overcoming Childhood Trauma
Reconnection Seven: Restoring the Future From interview: We all need: (Johann Hari)
Connection / belonging
Life has Meaning & Purpose
People see you and value you
A future that makes sense

Play devolopes intrinsic motivation.

Income inequality drives depression due to status uncertainty. U.S. vs. Norway

“Clusters of depression psychology” (should have made more fo a note)

Consider the work of Professor Tim Kasser who has done research showing that when people do work primarily motivated by extrinsic factors (e.g. money or prestige), it increases likelihood of anxiety and depression. But when we instead do work from intrinsic or self-transcendent motivations (personal growth, creativity, creating community), we grow towards experiencing positive flow states.

Rewards demotivate kids/all people. 2020.01.12   YON   Book Notes