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Current: LeDoux: Four Realms of Human Existence

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Notes on Consciousness

Gentle Introduction to Predictive Coding
Predictive Coding with Prediction Error Signals

Predictive Coding Animation
CorticoThalamic Animation
Hex Brain - under development
Sensory Integration
Multiple Retinotopic Maps of the Visual Field
WebGL version of Zhang Et Al 2019

Must Read Books:

Seth: Being You, Dehaene: Consciousness and the Brain, Haidt: Happiness Hypothesis, Barrett: 7.5 Brain Lessons, LeDoux: Deep History of Conscious Brains, Bennett: Intelligence, Pennartz: Representational Power, Pessoa: The Entangled Brain, Sterling: Allostatis, Dehaene: How We Learn, Barrett: How Emotions Are Made, Feinberg/Mallat: Ancient Origins of Consciousness, Bor: Ravenous Brain, Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow, Cozolino: Neuroscience of Human Relationships, Gazzaniga: Human: What Makes us Unique, Pinker: Blank Slate, Haidt: The Righteous Mind, Info Viz & Perception, Hawkins: On Intelligence, Koch: The Quest for Consciousness, Koch: Consciousness: Confessions, Graziano: Social Brain Sapolsky: Behave, Clark: Surfing Uncertaintity,

See Also: More Notes, Miller: Awakened Brain, Lau: Consh/Trust, Chistakis: Blueprint, Panksepp: Archeology/Emotions, Feinberg/Mallat: Consciousness Demystified, Power of Us, Helgoland, Koch: Feeling of Life, Pinker: The Stuff of Thought. Korb: Upward Spiral, Gwande: Being Mortal, Churchland: Touching a Nerve, Wilson: Social Conquest of Earth, Conceptual Spaces Cheat Sheet, Swarm Intelligence, Clock of the Long Now, Consciousness: a user's guide, The Space Between Our Ears, embodied,

GEEK Papers & Such

Notes on Consciousness SciAm HUMAN, ASSC26 Consciousness Conference 2023 Body Model, 3D Space, Resting State 2014, Meca Sapiens/Strange Loop,
Large Scale Brain Networks
Kanai 2015 Top Down Precision Signals.

Big Questions

What does it mean to be human?
Why are we here?
Do we have Free Will?
Does Evolution have a direction?
What's the deal with Religion, Group Selection and stuff? God Shaped Hole
How many legs does the The Elephant And The Rider Metaphor have?
Human Reasoning
Flesh Solves The Hard Problem

Older Notes

Aside from religious texts, which can give us sense of what we are doing here on this earth, and political texts, which can tell us the rules by which we are supposed to be playing, there are also many books which I have found useful for thinking about how to live my life. This is not a very disciplined approach. Sorry.

7 habits, Stephen Covey

Randy Pausch was a fan and featured the list in his brilliant time management talk.(youtube)
  • Be Proactive - responsible for yourself
  • conceptualize - begin with end in mind
  • first things first - always measure importance
  • think win/win - do not make bad deals for you or others
  • seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • synergize... errr...
  • retool, keep learning, "who ain't a busy livin is a busy dieing"
  • Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher, William Ury

  • separate people and problems
  • focus on interests not on positions
  • invent options for mutual gain
  • insist on using objective criteria

  • image Brain Science Podcast
    I've been really enjoying BSP with Ginger Campbell!


    From Scientific American Mind - July/August 2016: Banking Against Alzheimer's, inset page 36.

    Based on the results of scores of studies, here are 10 things you can do to reduce the risk of losing cognition and developing Alzheimer’s dementia:
    1. Pick your parents well! Make sure you get good genes, a good education, a second language and music lessons. Avoid emotional neglect.
    2. Engage in regular cognitive and physical activity,
    3. Strengthen and maintain social ties.
    4. Get out and explore new things.
    5. Chillax and be happy.
    6. Avoid people who are downers, especially close family members!
    7. Be conscientious and diligent.
    8. Spend time engaged in activities that are meaningful and goal-directed.
    9. Be heart-healthy: what's good for the heart is good for the brain.
    10. Eat the
    MIND diet, with fresh fruit and vegetables and fish.
    11. (For This Is Spinal Tap fans, our list goes to 11.) Be lucky!

    [ jch - notice, excercise is at the top of every list. ]

    Work Related

    Volume Rendering, DTI & fMRI, fMRI Viz, Emissive Clipping


    Here are some notes on Two Independent Axes of Depression.
    Capitalism Piketty & Milanovic
    I should reread this and take notes. Flow : The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    #Republic, Long Now,
    20 Cognitive Biases
    Chinese Characters
    Why I am UU
    Rational Humans,
    Peter Turchin predicting civil unrest

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