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5 disciplines - Peter Senge - Fifth Discipline

  • team learning -
  • shared values -
  • systems thinking - you need to understand as much of the big picture as you can.
  • personal mastery - the basic 7 habits stuff
  • mental models -
  • 9 laws of god - Kevin Kelly - Out of Control

  • distribute being - eggs in one basket...
  • control from the bottom up -
  • cultivate increasing returns
  • grow by chunking
  • maximaize the fringes
  • honor your errors
  • seek persistent disequilibrium (poised systems)
  • change changes change
  • Johann Hari: Lost Connections

    Reconnection One: To Other People
    Reconnection Two: Social Prescribing
    Reconnection Three: To Meaningful Work
    Reconnection Four: To Meaningful Values
    Reconnection Five: Sympathetic Joy, and Overcoming Addiction to the Self
    Reconnection Six: Acknowledging and Overcoming Childhood Trauma
    Reconnection Seven: Restoring the Future
    Beautiful Images @
    Inflamed Hippocampus : Image by Danielle Beckman.
    Dentate gyrus of an aged rhesus monkey, showing increased inflammatory markers.
    Green: astrocyte, red; microglia, purple: NeuN, blue: Dapi. (c) MBF BioScience. 2019-04-21   YON   Book Notes